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ju11登录Fuda chemical industry to provide customized processing services to the global pharmaceutical and chemical industry innovation of industry

Chemical engineering technology personnel Fuda chemical has a group of high-quality, high technology, which has a bachelor's degree or above who reach 90%. Through the production practice constantly, has accumulated rich experience in the custom synthesis, can provide our clients with more efficient synthesis of compounds of customized service. We offer various kinds of silicone series and sulfuric acid methyl two series, pharmaceutical intermediates research - Development - production of one-stop service. We are not only the effective use of powerful technology actual strength of its own R & D department, but also with a number of well-known domestic enterprises and research institutions to establish a long-term relations of cooperation, formed a research and development, the leading domestic production team.

A customized, chemical research and development advantages:

ju11登录 1, leading technology, experienced, creative silicone, two acid methyl ester, fine chemicals professional R & D team.

ju11登录 2, improve the quality management system, in strict accordance with the ISO9001:2008 guidelines and innovation.

ju11登录 3, professional project management personnel, project management system perfect.

4, tailored customization production, to help customers reduce costs money and time.

We do the following requirements in customized development business will be: quick response; price; quality assurance; timely delivery; detailed data; customer satisfaction.

Can provide documents two, custom synthesis in chemistry:

Compound synthetic seismogram (Synthesis of original records, TLC chart and so on), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC), mass spectrometry (MS), nuclear magnetic resonance analysis (NMR) etc..

ju11登录 Three, about the client's entrustment, we will keep a secret, if necessary, can sign a confidentiality contract. We are willing to internal and external users and close cooperation in the development of new production of chemical products, no matter what the problem, we are willing to serve you.


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